About Us

In this oh-so-busy world of phones & emails...of noisy traffic outside(and inside your mind), there is a real need to give yourself some time and space - undisturbed.

At Soothing Rooms, we sense your need and assist you in creating a calm and rejuvenating space with our products that fill your home with waves of healing & positive energy.

Being long-time meditators ourselves, we know how valuable finding time to reconnect with the present and enjoying the bliss of being really is. And how helpful it is to have a space in your home just for cultivating this habit

The products in our shop are carefully chosen for their ability to enhance peace and clarity.

Be it our Organic Jute Yoga Mat for the Yoga lovers which feels so raw & natural to your skin or our Zen paintings, which bring you back to the present moment at a single glance.  Purify your space with our Cute Monk Incense Burner or sip your tea mindfully with our Handmade Spruce Wood Cup.

In our shop you'll find all the products you need to unwind, get comfy and bring home the bliss